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You will be…Gone with the Wynns

Many people live “on the road”, but most of them don't end up in sea.

Meet the couple that truly mastered the skill to live like modern nomads – traveling the world both by land and water. 
Jason and Nikki started traveling in 2011 and in their RV crossed North America. They managed a successful YouTube channel while traveling and continue to do so while sailing. We think this quote from their website may give you a pretty good idea of who they are: 
“We have zero shame in admitting we want to squeeze as much out of life as possible.  A life full of extraordinary moments is for anyone willing, and wanting, to go after it.  You know, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…yea, we’re all about it.”

Vehicle to vessel transition

If you’re interested in finding out about their RV life, they have many great videos on their YouTube channel. Having two cats (Cleo & Singa) is also an interesting factor, because many pet owners are looking for alternative ways to live with their furry companions, and it’s nice to see how someone figures it out. 
Series of videos about how they bought their catamaran is worth checking out for anyone considering whether to go monohull or not:

And you can find out how they dealt with moving onboard in the video below:

Since moving onboard, they sailed to the Bahamas, Florida, Panama and recently they crossed the Pacific ocean! Mainly cruising with their two cats, occasionally with extra family members. Their season at sea included some hurricane preparation and an unexpected visit in the middle of nowhere:

They are “too nice”, but only for grumpy people

Both Nikki and Jason are charming individuals, they approach challenges with excitement and a healthy dose of realism. The cheerful atmosphere is something very contagious and we appreciate that it feels authentic. Back in their RV days, they always tried to show how life truly is and offered helpful tips and advice. This is still true with their sailing career. We are certainly looking forward to their next voyages and hope to see more of the cats! (Surely everyone always asks about them.) Find out more about them on their website.
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