Wanna new beautiful sails? Maybe for free?

Illustrated sails can be seen on sponsored racing yachts. Not just there anymore! Please welcome ImageSails, a startup company from Florida.

Mom, please may I draw the Kraken on our mainsail?

Every sailor knows that feeling when a colorful spinnaker is unpacked. Custom designed or colored spinnakers are enriching mostly white and blue spectrum of the boats. Except for these big sails and sponsored racing cruisers, we do not see many colorful sails out there. The main reason was price unless you could lose on parameters like weight, longevity or performance.
Factors like salt and UV are incompatible with most of the printing techniques. No true sailor would pay more money for less quality, or add more weight just for the purpose of beauty. Maybe some super-yacht owners, but they should probably leave and go shopping in Monaco. 
Over time, the technologies of sailmaking developed more and the printing technologies along with them. Nowadays, a fully printed custom sail doesn’t have to be such a costly thing to obtain. Modern ways of sailmaking are very suitable for full-painting integration into the sailcloth. Many sailors don’t know, but full printing on sails is affordable at the moment, even without compromises.
If you want to have a really nice addition to the boat, or you would like to develop a brand (f.e. for sailing channel) just check with your sailmakers. Most of them are able to do it.
You may have stumbled upon, quite an innovative marketing company. They implemented several ideas to make the whole system work.

I did not move aboard for being banner space!

To be a space for some advertising is definitely not the idea that live-aboard sailors would enjoy. It may look silly even for day-sailors. You would not put the “McDrive sticker” on your beautiful ship. You have to admit that yacht, or its sails especially, are very exclusive space for so-called “Out Of Home” advertising. And yes, that means all those ugly billboards and banners, which we run away from and go out cruising. But even out there times are changing…

First of all, no ads designer would ruin a space like this by just portraying the logo. The common practice is to design a really beautiful sail with a decent logo appearance.
The founder of ImageSails is a photographer, who created initiative Doctors for Santa Maria de Jesús”. It is a very meaningful community project which enables a small offshore town in the Caribbean to receive medical care, dentistry, education and social support. The company’s  CEO/Creative Director, Daniel Gohstand, is still funding this project with ImageSails profits.

Finance your sail change and suit up your boat!

The main reason why we picked is that they are bringing other very useful features for the community. In addition to printing high-resolution sails of your own or sponsor’s design, they are offering the possibility to list your own ship for potential sponsors.
This kind of listing is a quite new practice, so do not wait to be approached by sponsors immediately after enrolling. Looks like the most sought-after attribute for sponsors is a location where the boat usually sails. As the ImageSails was founded not a long time ago in the USA, the most listed areas are California, Florida, and Hudson Bay. We are looking forward to more places to come. The whole network is maybe not today’s option for sailing globetrotters. In maritime business, things evolve slowly, so we have to be a little patient.  
ImageSails marketing network is not going to work properly and quickly unless more boats and locations will be acquired. A very nice thing is, that they have created a mock-up editor, where you can create your own designs on the run.
That gives you an opportunity to accost your potential sponsors with your own designs. The data needed for proper estimates according to your boat type are obtained from Maybe you can catch up some bigger sponsors.
Imagine an international company, whose marketing department is receiving a lot of offerings of sponsorship or marketing space. The chance to advertise on yacht’s sails is something that shines every time, believe us. The last, but not least, we believe that Daniel Gohstand will be some kind of guarantee person in a field of design and final look. All parts of their system – boat owners, advertisers, and ImageSails, want those sails to be beautiful and eye-catching.
The company’s CEO and founder is the right person as a photographer. He is also giving an opportunity for designers and photographers to upload their designs and mock-ups. Some of them are doing it for free, because of support to Doctors for Santa Maria de Jesús” initiative. 

Other businesses – charters, boatyards and manufacturers

Having special sails showcasing a brand isn’t just important to sailors who have YouTube channels. If we were in place of ImageSails sales team, we would focus on bareboat charter companies around the world. Their ships are sailing in lucrative locations the entire season. As they do not often go offshore, their sails are more likely to be seen. Despite arguments said above about the need for nice designs, the charter companies or their clients do not care so much about the design. That is ideal for advertisers with more aggressive strategies. Guys, you cannot imagine how huge is advertising business in the Mediterranean and currently ImageSails have no listed boats there. Be the first!
When shipyard is releasing boats from a new line/design, they may be also interested in advertising the model’s name in this tremendous way. First presentations of new sailboats always get the most attention, because everyone is interested in seeing it and judging it. 
We wish the best for companies like ImageSails. They are bringing latest technologies while thinking about the business model and the ways how current world operates. Helping in charity project looks like some kind of moral bonus, but believe us, today’s sailors care about real-impact work like this. From the business point of view, things like this keep companies together and motivated through the tough times and challenges.
ImageSails system is an opportunity for designers, on-budget sailors, or those who’d like to freshen-up the look of the boat. Not to mention the advertisers, those are just guys who bring money to the table (and enjoy impression rate of your boat along with you and their profits after that). Kraken is excited to see a more colourful marine in the future! 
In the video below, you can find new sails installation by S/V Delos. Their sails have nothing in common with ImageSails. This is an example of how to design your sails image in a minimalistic, but effective way. This SV/Delos logo has become famous among live-aboard community.


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