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Underappreciated sailing channel Catamaran Impi

A friendly couple proved that Lagoon catamaran can be used as offshore cruiser.

As we were watching Catamaran Impi’s videos since their beginning, it surprised us that they have just 12k subscribers now. Besides their YouTube channel, they have also website with blog   Current updates can be found on their Facebook account
Brent and Ana are quite the veterans among sailing bloggers, as they are documenting their experiences since 2012. They’ve decided to live aboard full-time and leave South Africa. Brent has been persuaded by other sailors that Lagoon catamaran is not a good choice for offshore sailing as he planned at the time. 
Brent was stubborn with their dream of living in a comfy catamaran, but not stubborn in a bad way. Its obvious that he is smart with making his decisions. He prepared their Lagoon 440 (which is not even the big one from cats by Lagoon) before the journey and made many upgrades during their travels. 
Many of their videos are take place in heavenly paradises like Caledonia, but other times you can find out how they are handling the catamaran (known from charter blue-water cruising) in rough southern waters

Many great things we’ve seen from them

One of the first amazing experiences captured in a video, was when their PAN PAN call was answered by a large container ship. Impi crew handled tough weather conditions many times, but during their passage to New Zealand they had to use motor a lot and ran out of fuel. The main issue was getting the diesel from the big ship to the catamaran safely. See the video below: 

There are many things which make their channel special. Ana enjoys doing yoga at stunning locations, Brent is always showing how he tuned up his boat and both of them are good in communication with people so ashore videos are interesting too. 
Maybe you have heard about Moose, an abandoned dog living on empty island near New Caledonia. There used to be a resort hotel once, but after people left the island, several dogs have stayed behind. Most of them were adopted by sailors who cruised around
This one was very nice to everyone, but whenever someone tried to transport him from his home, he became aggressive and jumped the ship to swim back. He probably waited for his old master, like in the movie Hachiko. 
Moose has been featured on other sailing channels as well. When Catamaran Impi was visiting him, they discovered he had health issues, so they arranged a flying vet to visit the island and take care of him. They’ve also managed a successful crowdfunding campaign for his care (vet and food). Moose passed away lately, but sailors and Catamaran Impi crew especially helped him to live a beautiful life till the end. What a stunning story!

Why you will love them

Their videos are often long and little inconsistent in tempo and content. Maybe cutting it to shorter videos would be an option. Brent and Ana have been living aboard for a long time. Videos on their channel show lots of experiences and some ordeals, as well as valuable technical information. Brent is not a technical engineer, but his attitude is similar (in a good way). Sometimes the voiceover can be kind of cheesy, but his vibe is very catchy.  
Last year they’ve provided a lot of content from Cannes 2017, where Lagoon showed them their 50ft cat as an option for an upgrade. We would be surprised if they will decide to buy it after spending time on tuning up their 440′. 
The best part of their channel is that somehow both of them can bring up positive vibe and lighten the mood. They are not just trying to be nice, they truly are. 

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