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Sail Oceans – family lives onboard exceptional trimaran

A ship you've never seen in sailing channels before.

Anna and Bartek Dawidowski are a married couple with two children, who sold their home and started to live on a 50-foot trimaran, mostly in the Carribean. Their youtube channel is founded a long time ago, but it is last year when it’s becoming more and more alive there. 

Man, check that ship!

The Poly – 15 meter trimaran made by French shipyard Neel Trimarans as one of the prototypes pieces provides space like small home for the couple and their two sons Kuba and Julian. As their channel became alive, we saw their whole ship and aspects of living aboard with small kids. As Bartek show in the video, the ship is very well equipped for full time living. He is working airplane pilot, so sometimes Anna is handling family and trimaran shorthanded. 

There are lots of good content in several videos they’ve uploaded during last year. Dawidowski family showing all aspects of living aboard with kids, but it is not some family sitcom. Swimming with sharks or stingrays, parties, reporting on hurricane Irma’s devastation or telling incredible story f.e. about old lighthouses. Full experience sailing channel, definitely not boring. It is no surprise, that Bartek is using drones while making videos as a professional aviator. Quality of picture and editing are excellent and guys are getting better with every video. This looks like the next trending sailor channel. Check these friendly iguanas!

The best part: they are looking for a babysitter!

As they seem to be very friendly people and have a lot of space in the boat, you can join them for reasonable contribution for a time. Very good option for wannabe sailors with family. Or as an alternative for charter, because their owner’s trimaran is very good equiped and sustainable in water and energy. Charters cannot beat that. Check our their blog and site
For true Kraken Lifers with no ship and budget, there is an amazing opportunity – Sail Oceans are looking for a babysitter for Kuba and Jullian. Everything is arranged and kids are very nice. For God sake try it whoever can! Lifetime chance. We hope that there will be more and more content on their channel like last year. Keep going Sail Oceans!

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