Neel Trimarans – a rising star

What does it take, to become nominee for Yacht of the year 2018 with a quite new brand?

Definitely, you’ll need a good designer, racing sailor and someone who can address living onboard customers needs. Then you need to know how to establish production and not in a standard way because that’s the way how others do it. Even with an extraordinary design you won’t sell a ship, or you will not reach profitability. You need several smart men, who are familiar with various aspects of success. 

Eric Bruneel, the founder of the Neel Trimarans,  is all of that personas you need in one man. From our point of view, he is one of the most interesting men in sailing business nowadays, without exaggeration.  He worked at the development of 26 designs and constructions of multihulls for Fountaine-Pajot SA. Those ships are very popular, much lighter than competitors while keeping the crew in comfort. Bruneel delivered 2000 ships with Fountaine-Pajot during 30 years of his work as export and general manager of the company. In 2003 he built 50’ trimaran called “Trilogic” just for the transatlantic race. He stated new record and won the class. 

From production to race, from race to production

After amazing success with trimaran in regattas, Eric Bruneel finished his work for Fountaine-Pajot and started to make his own dream come true. The Neel Trimarans aims to bring you comfort like catamarans never could. Together with good sailing performance and stunning design, it is a player with no doubts. Neel claims that their design is developed in completely another way that concurrent trimaran attempt. Deliberately we talk “attempts” because it seems that Neel Trimarans is the first producer who actually mastered it and delivered on market widely. 

It looks like incredibly fast development in compare to Bruneel’s career in Foutaine-Pajot, but do not be fooled. Eric worked at 50’ trimaran’s design since 2003. He released several prototypes of Neel trimaran on water, which were sailed for few years. One of them is Sail Ocean channel, their trimaran is a prototype and original piece of the ship, still amazing after a refit. 
Nowadays, Neel Trimarans has been nominated for European Yacht of the Year title. There are several models available, Neel 45, 47, 51 and Neel 65 Evolution went for production in 2015.  Eric Brunnel claims that all ship equipment is installed directly by its vendors for sustaining top notch quality expedition to sea.

The first real trimaran vendor?

It is not just amount of deck space (f.e. more than 100m2 on Neel 51), but it is the way how Neel is using it. Their ships look quite sporty and slim, but inside cabins, you would not believe that you are not on a houseboat or house. Trimarans have much smaller turn-around angle than cats, and better sail plan. As featured on Sail Ocean’s channel with their prototype, those trimarans are providing a fully sustainable living for family off the marine.  Bruneel says that is the big advantage for cruising sailors, that most of the weight is in the middle hull. We believe that we are gonna see and hear much interesting news from Neel Trimarans, as a relatively young but well-established brand. 

Neel Trimarans website
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