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Long awaited Bavaria C57

Prepares you for new sailboat model line

Bavaria had come a long way in fight with French and British competition. In earlier times, their selling point seemed to be mostly price. Things have really changed since then. Now they are prepared to release whole new range of boats with “C” before number in the name. It was released as current flagship of Bavaria YachtBau, most luxurious one and most advanced one before C67 release

Bavaria has moved its production to Croatia for better access to sea and local craftsmanship with boats. Their boats was always famous for wide space, with C line models materials were upgraded to premium class. Bavarias are very popular ships among the croatian charter agencies for more than decade.  

The C57 presents new line, new methods, new manufacture

Bavaria C57 is the first boat with modular cabin construction, that enables producer for making boats faster without compromising quality. Actually cabin made as one-piece module is firmer and stronger. The main competitors will probably came from Beneteau, DuFour, Jeanneau, Elan-Yachts,  and Hanse Group. The last competitor mentioned, which comes from Germany as Bavaria, will probably feel more challenged, as with C57 it is an attack from own homeland and now with a very competitive design. Price ex VAT is starting under 400k EUR, but with proper setup you will probably attack 600-700k budget. As shipyard is reformed for more effective producing and Bavaria needs to pay for C-line development, there is maybe good opportunity to talk with them about the discounts. Check out their youtube channel, it maintained really properly. 

Cashflow is fixed

A big changes in in shipyard and development took its price and lately Bavaria became insolvent. Just before start to enjoy fruits of labor. For notice they were trying really hard to withstand the worst case scenario with quick development of C67. Fortunately, the situation was solved quickly by investor. Bavaria is up and running and we are looking forward for more C-line sailboats. This one is truly amazing appetizer for the following models.



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