Lizbeth from S/V Delos is back with her own ship!

A british girl with entertaining attitude making her dream from Delos to become reality.

Thought she had no sailing experience she was chosen by Delos crew to became part of their sailing family for time. A British accent and great sense of humor came to be a great upgrade to their channel. It seems that for Elizabeth a voyage with Delos become crucial in her life’s direction. She even found love while sailing with Delos, and not just a romance.

Fate changed by Delos experience

She returned to Europe and bought a ship! You maybe could guess it, it Amel. An older one compared to S/V Delos, double-dismasted by hurricane Irma but it her own and she immediately started to share her experience as new living onboard lifestyler. After leaving the Delos, she found her own podcast.

There are many things to be done on the ship, located in the Carribean, so we are looking forward to see it!

Watch her new channel called EarlyWrites and video series called The French Diaries. Support it on Patreon.

A new journey begins

It is obvious that Lizbeth was learning from “the best in the game” to making videos and content for followers. We loved her appearance during S/V Delos crossing to Brazil. If you did not catch Lizbeth’s sense of humor, check what she said after 10 days of the ocean crossing, when others described perceiving time as “like every hour was prolonged due to boredom”:

What day is it? Saturday? That means it’s a weekend! Yeah!


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