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James Wharram – author of catamaran you can make at home

Watch the interview with pioneer catamaran builder who enabled many sailor to sail simply.

The Wharram boat designs became something like an open-source community of boat builders inspired and powered by one man – James Wharram. As the video states:

James Wharram has made more sailing dreams come for more people than any other yacht designer in the history.

Many hobby boat builders are still buying his designs from wharram.com site. There are several manufacturers, who can build you a Wharram catamaran. Of course as a customized order. In contrast with prices of modern boats it is still an option. Recently, James Wharram, in his 999, received Classic boat’s “Lifetime Achievement” award. We are very happy with this king of appreciation.

Thanks for the interview with catamarans living history!

The interview with the author is published on channel “Luckyfish gets away“, from guys who are circumnavigating the world in one of his double-canoe designs. Both of two parts of the interview are very interesting. Check out, how the history was made! It is a great way for introducing “built your own boat” attitude.


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