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Guy from Denmark shows you how to refit you boat by yourself

Sail Life is Youtube channel with 40k+ subcribers, neverthless there is more repairing than sailing.

Mads Dahlke is a man from Denmark who decided to sell house and go living aboard. At the beginning in very down to earth way – with really small ship Obelix. He was filming his refit works on that little ships and reached quite a large audience. A lot of sailors are envy to make repairs and maintenance by themselves and this is right channel for them. Especially if you plan to buy some older ship, which needs a comprehensive refit, this is the channel you need to see.

Repairs and refit in funny and informative way

After successful of refit videos from S/V Obelix, the small vessel, Mad bought a 38-foot ship from Scotland and departed it to his homeland. Now he is making even better videos of repairs on the ship. 

Mads would like to sail in colder locations like northern Europe or northwestern passage so he wants to be prepared for many situations. His videos will definitely help you with repair on your ship if planned. Even if you own brand new ship it is very interesting to watch this guy working on his ship. Maybe you will regret spending money on new ship when you see his enthusiasm . This you can see on his channel: removing whole Volvo Penta engine, removing teak, rewiring whole boat and many other things. Mads thinks about everything, including tools and planning. This is probably the best DIY channel for sailors available right now. His efforts can inspire many potential live aboarders to join the community with less money and more DIY.

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