Garmin Quantix 5 – is it worth the money?

How about controlling your autopilot from watches on your hand?

The previous model – Quantix 3 was very successful between sailors. Now, Quantix 5 had been on the market almost 2 years it is still luring customers from maritime environment. With a price around 500 USD, it is definitely not right watches for those who often forgetting or losing their watches.
It is based on Fenix 5 which is a very successful model of Garmin’s smartwatch for active people. Quantix has all Fenix’s features so you can use them also while on a bike, hiking or running etc. Things we care about are functions for sailors. 

You can find barometer, sailing race timers, speed meter and thing like that on cheap amazon watches under 100USD or most competitors in the quality crafted segment. The feature everyone would like is pairing the watch with navigational instruments on the boat. Quantix 5 are able to do it, but just with Garmin instruments. This brand is widely used between sailors and has good reputation especially in GPS sensors accuracy. Nowadays, we see Garmin on new boats less. If you have Garmin instruments onboard, the Quantix 5 is the real temptation. 
Controlling autopilot is a very luring feature, especially for solo yachters. There is also tacking assistant, which tells you about angles of starboard or port site and alert you when your ship is being lifted or headed more than you wished. 
Waterproofness is another important factor. Yeah, most of the watches you can obtain these days are waterproof, but can they withstand salty sea environment or depths while diving? Quantix 5 are certified up to 100 meters. 

Is it for you?

The quality of design deserves its price tag on Quantix 5. There is no feature you will miss with them. If you posses Garmin instruments it will make you feel like Michael Knight from Knight Rider. David Hasselhoff was able to drive his car by his watches. It is like that cool.  There are some features you can use with Apple watch applications just like with Garmin. Please do not depend on functions like “Man overboard” for your own soul in any kind of smartwatches. For that, you should have small EPIRB buoy. Of course, it is very useful when alerting man overboard, that you have a button right on your hand. It is important to mark the position. 
If buying, we recommend sapphire version, which has scratch proof glass. These are probably most advanced watches for sailor currently available. The main competitor can be Casio G-Shock Gulfmaster, but it is completely another style.
Quantix 5 has changeable bands, so with steel wristband, you can wear them even in a suit. Small but important detail is “Quick Release” design of the bands so it does not work like for Swiss watchmaker to change it. You can do it easily few times a day. 
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