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  • katarina

    Interested in alternative forms of living, mostly the off-grid styles. After her first sailing experience she was caught up immediately. She was following channels like Delos and LaVagabonde almost from their beginnings and now it a pleasure to share context with KrakenLife readers. Formerly educated as books restorer, some history-related content will be seen from her, along with themes related to ecology, craftsmanship and practicality of living aboard. Ship of your dreams: The most crazy thing I would be able to do if I would be zillionare is big wooden yacht with three masts. Like Maltese Falcon but more classic. Any habitable ship may be considered as ship of my dreams, ketch would be plus, besides central cockpit and aluminium hull. Ship that “would be enought”: Wharam catamarans looks doable. Many of almost ruined ships can be reffited well by owners hands. In monohulls world, 38 or 40ft is minimum for full living aboard in my opinion. Places to sail before die? New Zealand, Coconut Islands and Iceland. Those are all islands i know, but i am also thing that big thing is the feel when you reach land after ocean croossing and you know that it is whole new continent, not just land in the middle of ocean. Races to sail before die? Sydney-Hobard race looks seductive to me, but maybe not competitive challenges like arctic sailing looks tempting to me. I would like to sail to Antarctica, but with some scientific purpose, even negligible one like take some samples, make some measurements, or bring something to real expeditions.
  • kraken

    Your, mostly friendly, neighbour at seas. According to wikipedia, Kraken is a legendary sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. Nowadays he lives everywhere on the globe because it is more fun with sailors. Since Kraken became a vegetarian, he stopped attacking the ships. Now he is an angry hipster with rage to save the oceans from pollution. Ship of your dreams: I had destroyed and ate many ships, which disappeared, but i would like those oil tankers to be disappears. Sadly they are very untasty. Ship that “would be enought”: Any asshole with overly exaggerated super-yacht is a nice breakfast Places to sail before die? There are many places on poles, where i have never been. As the glaciers are melting I see there are many new places to visit for me, althought i am hunderds years old. Races to sail before die? I would like to won race against the plastics in the ocean. I convinced a plankton to do the job, but it will not be enough because it is a lazy-ass.