A maritime geek for most of his adult life, occasional skipper for charter vessels, mostly in the Mediterranean, still pollywog. Information provided by living aboard channels was first found as source of knowledge for being a better sailor. During years of watching the content, sailing channels and blogs became daily part of his free time, instead of TV or something else. You can find articles about sailing business, sport, boat reviews and other living aboard topics written by his pen. Ship of your dreams: Spirit Yachts and Nautor’s Swan are Rolls-Royce in my view. From racing specials, I am a fan of Wild Oats. Wooden, aluminium, cat, mono or trimaran everything has positives and negatives. Ship that “would be enought”: If you can sleep in it safely it is enough. If it cannot sail it is just work undone. Admittedly, not everything is effective to be repaired, but i admire all those guys who are trying it. We are coming to situation like with cars in last decade. There are too many old boats and new one are cheaper every year. But specifically to the question, I think that old Amel, Oyster, Jeanneau and Beneteau boats are good to buy as used because i saw it in channels or by my own eyes. Places to sail before die? Cape Horn was my dream since i’ve read about it, althought Cape of good hope is more aesthetic sight. I have always wanted to come on ship to Carihrad (Istanbul). I am saying “Carihrad” by purpose, because it is the place on the planet where history was on the move several times. Along with Instanbul, coming to medival Malta or Dubrovnik feels like travel in time. Third place is Hawai. That I consider as “end of the world” in good meaning. Galapagas and arctic passages look very tempting to me, but with proper ship, it could be on sails ofc. Races to sail before die? Jules Verne Trophy? No, i would never do that. Atlantic Rallye of Cruisers seems to me as a pleasant event with good organisational support, but racing is more like “car thing” to me. In that way Volvo Ocean Race is the F1 of sailing, but i would enjoy it more as reporter than sailor.