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Amel 50 – cockpit known from S/V Delos

Living and navigating easily in comfort with the European Yacht of the Year 2018.

Central cockpit (similar to motor boats) is well known signature style of AMEL. It is actually good that AMEL did not abandon their old ideas. Now they are coming in with modern attitude, interior has more light and the helm has better view. It is first sloop-rigged ship built by AMEL since late 90’s. Helmsman has great protection against foul weather. Best for handling long passages shorthanded. 
Henri Amel founded the company in his 50s. Troubled eyesight inspired him to design boats where everything was right by your hand, and still is on all AMEL models. He was also pioneering fiberglass technology, new at that time. Since then, great reputation of AMEL has long been established when it comes to fiberglass boat building.

Check out the video below and notice the access to the engine room and how cabins are sound-proofed. It’s amazing! Insulation from noises coming out of the engine room is also a brilliant idea completing entire AMEL concept of engine room under the central cockpit. 
Practical not just in case of maintenance or repairs. The best part about AMEL 50 is that its kind of a ship that nourishes its owners by providing lots of space even for a larger crew or guests. 

Award category says Luxury cruiser

AMEL claims that prices start at 720 000 EUR, but sailaway price will probably go around 900 000. Well equipped ship can easily go over 1,1M or 1,2M EUR. Main competitors for AMEL’s 50’ will be probably Hallberg-Rassy 44 with central cockpit in a traditional way. Swedes bring better sail plan with a lot less space in 44’ ship, but with quite big discount compared to AMEL 50. If you like hard-protected helm, maybe Moody 45 or 54 can be the competitor when evaluating AMEL 50. With their decksalon concept it is still price competitor for AMEL even with Moody DS54.
There are many people living aboard AMEL ships, we will see how many of them will upgrade. It is really hard to overlook AMEL 50, its a good sailboat with original ideas proved to be good by liveabard sailors. Even though you can get the most benefits of ketch rigging with AMEL 55 or AMEL 64. 🙂

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