About Us

KrakenLife.com is an online magazine dedicated to all people who live aboard a ship or are planning to do so. We are here to connect sailors, whose primary home is the sea, inform them, entertain and give them space to express or share knowledge with other maritime geeks. Our aim is not to copy information or news, but bring them in new context or point of view. Besides our own content, we are always trying to highlight any content, which could be considered as interesting for full-time sailors or living-aboard community.

Content plan

We are looking forward to providing content every day for you in following categories:

  • Kraken Lifers – dedicated to people who shares their life on board with other on Youtube or blogs. As man goes living onboard he never goes back. This makes true sailors sentenced to live their lives at sea, because they’ve found it is the best way.
  • News –
  • Living aboard – tips for sailing community about navigation, onboard lifestyle, and technical tips for diagnose, install, repair and maintanance instruments on your ship
  • Gear&Tech – anything you can wear or use while beeing on ship, including instruments and technologies used in modern boat, practical information for better orientation in equipment for sailors and boats
  • Boats reviewed – presenting new boat models and sometimes interesting ships available for sale, handpicked without interest of manufacturer or yacht broker. While we are unable to test all ships on sea we bring views on ship’s position on the market, competitors and approximate sailaway prices. The other media are just copying information from producer. We also trying to catch comprehensive reviews and tests for all boats and link them to our articles, so reader can have selection of most valuable information with context
  • Business – KrakenLife appreciates all people, for who maritime industry is source of livehood. These people are able to provide different views and experience. Love brands, long-established companies, evolving startups or individuals are main sources of inspiration for KrakenLife’s business category.
  • Kraken World – sailing the oceans had become part on humankind’s DNA. It is in our culture, history, stories, movies, shows and music we like to listen onboard ship or while dreaming about it. The less entertaining, but more important part is enviroment and ecology. In this category you can find how Homo Sapiens Sapiens embraced or influenced home of Kraken and other inhabitant fauna in the oceans.
  • Tentacle picked from Youtube – as website authors were always looking for sailing knowledge available on the world’s biggest online video provider, there is always something to share with readers. A new generation of sailors is created, inspired by people who shared their experience, success and struggles via new media resources. KrakenLife is always happy to embrace all those whose are sharing their life with fellow sailors.


We are looking for one-time or perpetual contributors for KrakenLife’s content. Feel free to contact us, if you have anything for sharing with the world, or you know anyone who could. We are eagerly looking for correspondents for content projects about living on sailboat experience, boat repairing, business, sailing knowledge, ocean environment or any maritime geeks who are capable to contribute. Feel free to contact us with your our ideas, or with feedback to ours.

Business partners

We will gladly accept business partners from maritime industry, or profesional individuals. Primarily we looking for sources of information throught interviews. Those are original content for our viewers, and we will be happy to promote your brand for free in that way.

We kindly ask our future partners to understand, that our PR partnership principles are may be different from common sailing magazines/blogs:

  • we always notice our readers, when content can include promotion of products or brands
  • we are unable to publish reviews or articles written by partner, or publish information without mentioning competition or important information for readers
  • we are unable to pledge not to publish information about partner’s competition
  • we are unable to pledge not to publish information, which may be considered as negative/conflict about partner and its products, although when krakenlife.com publish negative information able to harm the reputation, it is always with afford to provide expression of each interested party

We know that it may sound arrogant or just as a “bad deal” but the honest content is the main value for our concept. Be assured, that our main goal is to deliver positive and useful content for readers and partners. We are also able to provide you media coverage services or content creating services on-demand.


Stay tunned for opportunity to support us via Patreon!

Media kit

We have been preparing for this project for few years and we have clear vision. Neverthless, krakenlife.com is still very young medium to provide full media kit. Please stay with us, until we can provide you nice numbers! Most of our advertisement is handled by Google AdSense. If you are eager to advertise with us, please leave a message via contact form.