July 3, 2018

    Drogues & sea anchors in storms. Do you need one?

    When a strong gale hits the fan and you are trying everything to beat the…
    July 2, 2018

    Dongfeng’s triumph in Volvo is amazing. This is why.

    Always the second. Like all the time… Although sporting sailors are known for having kind…
    June 17, 2018

    Thinking about a wooden sailboat?

    They may seem as a luxury that only rich get to enjoy, but even with…
    June 11, 2018

    Wanna new beautiful sails? Maybe for free?

    Mom, please may I draw the Kraken on our mainsail? Every sailor knows that feeling…
    June 8, 2018

    Ridley Scott’s HMS Terror – A scary delicacy for sailors

    There are many heavy stories to be heard about the sailing in past centuries. This…
    June 8, 2018

    How these diving masks can kill you

    You may remember when in 2015 full-face snorkeling masks made their debut on the market.…
    Kraken Life
    June 7, 2018

    An old man is sailing solo to New Zealand on a small boat

    It would be very inaccurate to introduce him as a retired man despite his age.…
    Kraken World
    June 1, 2018

    Lost and found cartoons for kids onboard

    Whether the small humans in question are your own, friend’s, or extended family members, there…
    June 1, 2018

    Oyster’s MAYDAY answered

    Established in 1973, Oyster Marine became a synonym for premium cruisers capable of regattas and…
    Boats reviewed
    May 30, 2018

    Oceanis 51.1 – why stepped hull?

    When it comes to Beneteau, there are a few things that they deserve recognition for.…